15 things that you didint know about me

Posted by Despoina Katsoula 24/03/2018 1 Comment(s) Με τη ματιά της μαμάς,


Bloggers community usually knows each other specially here in Greece and its a common thing that they support each other. We support each other by our comments, likes or mention to a Post.

That actually happens because a blogger has "voice" and can speak his thoughts and likes to hear "voices" from other bloggers too. So this is a introduction to apologize to you why I wrote 15 things that you didn’t knew about me. In order to get to know me better and give me your comment about something that you would like to ask or share about your unique shelf. Here we go then.



1. When I first thought the name of ErgoDespoina and shared it to my friends for opinions none liked it at first. I followed my instinct 

2. I am a coffee junkie and I try no to drink more than 3 coffees in one day.

3. It took me 2 years to lose 15 kilos and only 1 year to gain them all back.

4. I love every kind of training. At this present time I am in two trainings.

5. I started YouTube channel cause I thought that it is so funny and amusing.

6. When I first became a mother I Changed my point of view for people 180 

7. Quitting my job as an Occupational Therapist was the hardest decision I ever made.

8. I had Psychotherapy wish helped me in the way I am thinking, but didn’t suit me as a therapy type.

9. When I woke up in the morning I always make my bed, because I fell more productive.

10. I definitely have had panic crisis before, at least 5 times.

11. I have a really bad memory and I always forget what to include in our traditional food called fasolada..

12. I love cakes I could eat them all the time.

13. I look too serious in my face but I feel like comedian

14. I like all the healthy foods but I eat them in a large amount so that’s a problem

15. I believe that I am a really lucky person.


Would you like to share with me things that you want to say or maybe ask me for something?



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18/04/2018, 09:01:19 AM, http://www.mamadoistories.gr

Γεια σου Δέσποινα! Χαίρομαι που σε γνωρίζω καλύτερα.... Λάτρεψα το νο15 σου και γενικά μου αρέσει πολύ η αισιοδοξία και η χαρά που αποπνέεις! Σε φιλώ γλυκά, σμουτςςς!

24/05/2018, 02:39:31 PM

Μαμά Ειρήνη τι ωραία λογια σε ευχαριστώ πολύ

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